An independent actor

OneMore Secure is an independent actor that does not offer its own services to increase the cyber security of customers. We visualize and propose actions. We want to push for our partners who offer security services on the market.

Internet Service Providers

Do you offer services in the IT sector to your customers and see a need to expand your portfolio of services with a security declaration.

All customers who make their security declaration receive an action list that shows how they can do security based on their declaration and index score. Become a reseller of OneMore Secure's security declaration and expand your portfolio of services to your customers.

OneMore Secure's security declaration contains 40 verified controls in IT security, Information security, GDPR and Security culture. To each control, OneMore Secure connects a number of partners who offer services and products in the area. It's everything from antivirus, firewalls, backups, Password Manager, Access Management, Device Management, Compliance tools, policies, penetration tests, training and phishing simulations.

Security Service Providers

Do you offer services and products in cyber security?

If you want to expand your offers with our service and you are an SSP partner, your services will be shown as an recommended Premium Partner in the customer's action list.

All partners' services and products are validated by OneMore Secure so that they fit into the offers that we convey to customers.

You are exposed to the customer in their action list and we will then generate a lead to your CRM when the customer needs help.