Secure your supply chain!

OneMore Secure delivers a process and a platform for your company to secure yourselves and your supply chain in the most efficient way by sending out a security declaration to your suppliers. Your organization gains control over your and your suppliers' systematic work with cyber security and builds resilience and continuity. You see whether suppliers perform according to your requirements over time.
This becomes a legal requirement with the EU directive NIS2 and DORA (for the financial sector).

Take control over your cyber security!

Cyber Security does not have to be complicated. Take control by declaring your Cyber Security with OneMore Secure.

Even if you have your own competence or trust your partner, we are an independent actor that shows your resilience in security culture, information security, IT security and GDPR regarding cyber threats.

In our Freemium version you easily and quickly get an understanding of your cyber security resilience. You receive an index score, showing your security level.

In our Premium version, you get an Executive summary, a certificate, suggested actions and our full support to ensure you do security.

Security Declaration

OneMore Secure's Security Declaration is based on 40 verified control points guaranteeing good cyber security. Controls cover IT-security, information security, GDPR and security culture.

Action list

The action list shows how you can improve security and raise your index. A Customer Success Manager offer you a follow up every quarter to ensure a high security level all year round.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a document that you can share internally, with your Management team and Board that shows how you do Security.


The certificate, secured via blockchain technology, is evidence that you do security. The certificate can be shared internally as well as externally, with your customers and suppliers.

Security advisory

Do you need a strategic advisor to your business regarding cyber security? OneMore Secure offer a Security advisory as a Service to help you prioritize your actions in matters like Cyber security, NIS 2, GDPR etc.