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OneMore Secure delivers a process and a platform for companies to secure the supply chain in the most efficient way by sending out a security declaration to your suppliers. Your company gets control over their systematic work with cyber security and builds resilience, continuity and you see if suppliers perform according to your requirements over time. 

No chain is stronger than its weakest link – this is very much true of your supply chain and cyber threats. Get control by requesting a declaration from your suppliers and ensure you have a secure supply chain.

This becomes a legal requirement with the EU directive NIS2 and DORA (for the financial sector). 

NIS2 Directive

The NIS2 Directive is the EU legislation on cyber security. It contains legal measures to increase the overall level of cyber security within the EU. OneMore Secure have the controls in our Service regarding the security measures you need to have in place. With OneMore Secure, you can do your GAP-analysis of what you have to do to be compliant with the directive.

The NIS2 directive must be incorporated and in place by 18 October 2024. The directive requires you to be in control of your suppliers' cyber security capabilities and cyber hygiene. This is what we offer.

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The challenge

Subcontractors can be a risk factor by being a way in if they suffer a cyber attack or affect the business through non-delivery in the event of an incident at the supplier. We have seen this in several cyberattacks recently, where several have been affected by it being spread through the supply chain. In today's digitized society, no organization is autonomous, and we are connected to each other like never before.

From the beginning of 2020 until the end of June 2021, two-thirds of all reported incidents at providers of critical societal or digital services originated in a supply chain.

It is not enough to simply check your suppliers during tenders and procurements as a one-off event. The supply chain can have many risks and threats associated with it, now and over time. OneMore Secure gives you a system and a process for this that covers the entire contract period with your suppliers. Especially in our time where everything is connected and businesses are largely digital.

The effect

By using our security index as a key performance indicator (KPI), you and your suppliers get a highly effective process, toolbox and solution to increase, year after year, your resilience, continuity and competitiveness with your supply chain.

With OneMore Secure's supply chain service, you are up and running within a few minutes and can begin your systematic work on securing your supply chain. Everything is secured in a service with encrypted data. The servers are in Sweden and you don't have to send documents between you and your customers, which in itself is a risk.

Through this, you contribute to your business' own resilience, continuity and ultimately competitiveness.


Do you want to carry out an audit of your suppliers? We offer an additional service for this at a fixed price where we conduct an audit of your suppliers to see what their cyber security capabilities look like.

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