Security Declaration

OneMore Secure wants your company to focus on exactly what you do best. While doing what we do best, Cyber Security.

OneMore Secure gives you a security declaration with a security index score that shows how you do security and what you can do to improve.

OneMore Secure is an independent vendor that provides you with recommendations on what you can do to improve your resilience against cyber threats. We do not offer actions ourselves, but work with qualified partners who offer security services if you need help.
Action list

The action list shows how you can improve security and raise your index. A Customer Success Manager offer you a follow up to ensure a high security level all year round.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a document that you can share internally, with your Management team and Board that shows how you do Security.


The certificate, secured via blockchain technology, is evidence that you do security. The certificate can be shared internally as well as externally, with your customers and suppliers.

Declare your Cyber Security

OneMore Secure's security declaration is based on 40 verified controls for good cyber security and covers the following areas;

  • IT-Security

    Controls and documents how you work with activities, routines and devices to protect your organization's valuable assets such as information, hardware and software.

  • Information Security

    Controls and documentation of your measures taken to prevent information from being leaked, distorted or destroyed and for the information to be available when it is needed.

  • GDPR

    Controls and documentation of your processing of personal data based on the data protection regulation; GDPR.

  • Security Culture

    Controls and documentation of, for example, your training efforts for your staff to raise awareness of what threats and risks exist.

Certify your Cyber Security resilience

Security is not something you have, it is what you do. But doing it, should be easy.

No chain is stronger than its weakest link - this very much applies to your supply chain and cyber threats. Gain control by requesting a declaration from your suppliers and make sure that you have a secure supply chain.

OneMore Secure's service is based on the controls from the large frameworks like ISO 27000, NIST and Cobit 5 in general, the same methodology and the same facts. The difference is that we solve so that you get it in place within a couple of days. We are completely unique with our method that gives you control over your security and helps you all year around. OneMore Secure is worth it if you want to take your business to the next level. It is affordable and adapted specifically to small and medium-sized companies.

We issuing blockchain-secured Certificates so you could share internally and externally with your customers and suppliers, showing them that you do Security. See an example of the certificate here.